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Halifax real estate information: Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. Halifax is located on a peninsula and boosts having one of the world's largest deep water harbours. This hilly city rises from the harbour and the historic central district to the upper ramparts of the Halifax Citadel, a star-shaped fortress built during the 18th century, offering residents splendid views of the city and waterfront. The Halifax Citadel also acts as a compass for locals and visitors alike. South of Citadel is downtown, to the north west is Dalhousie University (one of Canada's top universities), to east are the bridges to Dartmouth, and to the north are apartments and residental areas. In Halifax, historic fortifications and centuries old wooden buildings stand amidst modern skyscrapers making for one of Canada's most striking cityscapes.

Metro Halifax is formed by amalgamation of the towns of Dartmouth, Bedford, and the original city of Halifax. Together the union creates a population of about 350,000 making Halifax the largest city in Atlantic Canada. The city of Halifax is bordered by many communities which also add to its population base, these include: Sackville, Lower Sackville, Burnside, Parkdale, and dozens more.

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