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Getting around Halifax - Location and Transportation

Located in south central Nova Scotia on one of the world's largest deepwater, ice-free harbours, Halifax is Nova Scotia's commercial, educational, and political capital.

Halifax owes its very existence to the harbour. A chief British military base in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds and a vital naval supply link for the Allied effort in World War II, Halifax earned the nickname "Warden of the North". Even today the harbour plays an important role, as modern-day frigates, container ships, cruise liners and fishing boats ply its busy waters.

Nova Scotia's only land connection to mainland Canada is via the Isthmus of Chignecto - a 27-kilometer wide strip of land that links the province to New Brunswick. The rest of Canada's second smallest province is surrounded by ocean. In fact, no one place is more than 55 km from ocean coast. Nova Scotia is famous for quaint seaside fishing villages and lighthouses like the one found at Peggy's Cove, perhaps Nova Scotia's most photographed landmark.

Transportation in Halifax
Convenient access to public transportation and/or major highways can mean the difference between a pleasurable and not-so-pleasurable commute to work. Remember if you choose to live in Dartmouth, it may be more affordable, but if you have to commute into Halifax bridge tolls can be expensive. The Halifax bus system is slow, but fortunately most locations are within a short 45 minute commute. Buses in Halifax run every 15 to 30 minutes so it is important to know when they arrive. If you have your own car, it is easier. Most areas can be reached within 20-30 minutes (example downtown Halifax to Dartmouth or Bedford). The price of gas is generally higher in Nova Scotia then other provinces so expect this if you are planning to relocate. However, parking in Halifax is reasonable. Make sure you put money into the meter because it is strickly inforced. Halifax has many convenient parking garages located throughout the city, expect to pay about $5-8 per day or lots can be rented on a monthly basis for $50-100.

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